A Way Out: 10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Teens

Book Summary


In this short, yet insightful book, award winning educator, Dr. Naita Guine identifies characteristics of highly successful teens. Using short stories, testimonials, and data collected from hundreds of teens around the nation, Ms. Naita discusses 10 common attributes and actions of teens who experience impressive success. The teen reader can utilize practical strategies and resources provided in this book to improve behavior and attitude. It also provides parents insight into the mind of teens, and strategies to help youth identify life plans and improve communication and relationships. This book is a quick read and provides multiple resources links for the reader. It is so insightful teens will re-read sections regularly for inspiration or motivation.


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 Highly Successful Teens - we all admire them, but some tiny part of us hates them for making everything look effortless. Get the inside story and practical "how to" strategies for teens (and their parents).