Eternally Flawless


What is Eternally Flawless?

Eternally Flawless is a Young Women's Ministry at The Bethel Church ministry designed to encourage, support, uplift, educate, and empower young women between the ages of 12-25. 

The Meaning

Eternally Flawless – Diamond cutting is the most important influence of the diamond’s  value. Clarity is the assessment of small imperfections on the surface and internally.  Spiritually – Cutting is our Salvation, and Clarity comes through discipleship. Jesus   Christ is the Master Diamond Cutter and He removes those things that hide our inner  beauty. Through Him we are Eternally Flawless.  

The Purpose

To train the next generation of young women to be the example and the change agent  needed to make a difference in today’s culture. 

The Vision

Monthly Topic Based Bible Study

Online Support through Social Media

Quarterly Fellowship Events



College & Young Adult Bible Study - Monday, August 26th -  6:30 pm

Middle & High School Bible Study - Wednesday, August 28th -  6:45 pm

Contact Us


The Bethel Church

215 Bethel Baptist St.

Jacksonville, FL  32202


IG: eternally_flawless_yws

FB Group Page: Eternally Flawless YWM

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