Book Dr. Naita

Student Workshops


 “Dr. Naita” as called by students and parents, delivers effective, passionate, and engaging presentations and workshops while sharing "real-world" experiences, success strategies, and best practices used to propel students to their full potential.  Dr. Naita specializes in  working with adolescents ages (12-25), and effectively meets the needs of varying age groups.

Parent Workshops


Dr. Naita provides highly interactive parent workshops designed to help parents identify their student's strengths and areas for improvement. Workshops offer strategies supporting teens in becoming successful in their academic, career, and personal life choices. 

Faculty & Staff Training and Development


Dr. Naita provides engaging faculty training workshops designed to help educators identify traits and behaviors common among highly successful teens and young adults. Workshop participants gain a better understanding of traits that help students achieve greater success, and identify strategies to help students develop and strengthen these traits.   

True Colors Workshops


This highly interactive workshop is available for students ages 12 - adults.  Workshop participants identify their True Colors personality type. Participants identify strategies to connect their personality type with academic and career choices, and identify strategies to strengthen interpersonal relationships.  

Lecturer/Keynote Speaker/Minister


Dr. Naita delivers engaging speeches and sermons that are thought provoking and inspirational.  She is passionate about preparing students of all ages for success in post-secondary education, careers, and a well-balanced life.  She is also a child rights advocate, and  endeavors to empower women and children who have experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse .