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Dr. Naita Guine (Dr. Naita) is an inspirational 20-year+ secondary and post-secondary education professional. She is an expert in Education and Career Planning for high school, college, and workforce programs. She has worked as an academic director, associate dean, adjunct instructor, program manager, project coordinator, classroom teacher, and faculty mentor. She holds a doctorate degree in Education, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and an undergraduate degree in Sociology. Additionally, she is a certified True Colors Personality Type Facilitator. Prior to her community based and public education career, Ms. Naita worked several years for the criminal justice system in Los Angeles, CA, and was a faith-based volunteer in juvenile corrections institutions. 


Dr. Naita was awarded an Innovation of the Year Award by the League of Innovations in 2016, and has been recognized for her excellence in service by a local college, and received an Exemplary Practice Award. Dr. Guine has worked with thousands of students ages 11-70, and has helped more than 1000 high school students realize their dream of high school and undergraduate degree attainment. 


Rev. Dr. Naita Guine is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has ministered to adolescents ages 11-18+ for over thirty years. She is the leader and founder of Eternally Flawless Young Women's Ministry at The Bethel Experience in Jacksonville, FL. She has served as ministry team leader in juvenile correction facilities in the state of California, taught Sunday School, implemented a mentoring program in Florida, served as Minister of Education, and authored a bible based curriculum entitled, “Defending the Faith – Know What You Believe” for teen and adult students. Dr. Naita is committed to helping youth balance spiritual and academic excellence through effective, holistic teaching of God's word and helping young people, and seeks to provide opportunities and educational resources to students and families in need.

Dr. Naita delivers effective, passionate, and engaging workshops and presentations while sharing strategies and best practices to propel students to their full potential. She inspires and challenges students of all ages to find their voice and live their dreams.